16 Agustus 2017


There's always a reason to travel

Orang-orang selalu terpaku dengan alasan mengapa mereka harus melakukan suatu perjalanan, terkadang mereka hanya tidak menyadari betapa suatu perjalanan akan mempengaruhi hari-hari mereka. Orang-orang sibuk membolak-balik kalender di atas mejanya hanya untuk mencari warna merah beruntut dimana mereka bisa merasa bebas dan menghela nafas. 

30 Juli 2017


It's HiHo Kids!!!

HiHo Kids is a youtube channel which I really like so much
Well it's a part of the CUT studio actually
It's first start with 'kids try' video
which I guess it's attract some attention till they decide to make their own channel

Now the HiHo Kids itself no longer only producing the kids try video,
There's so much more lyk, Kids Play, Word Play, Kids Explain and so much others.

Since I love kids so much, this Channel being my most favourite channel, 
I like to see all of this HiHo Kids so much. 
I subscribe & turn on the notification

And Right Now, I want to introduce you to the HiHo Kids One by One :

Well, may be it's a kinda late to tell
But I guess it's better late then never.
Lately I reopen(& reuse) soundcloud, and I just remember about this
The things I really need to share this day is
Actually there's someone take over my name to be his song tittle
I'm touched, so touched

I Like the song, I like how he 'hide' my name inside it, 
it's actually not worth to be the tittle of the song,
Cause you barely even can't hear my name there
but the best part is, he write my full name, 
not really a full name actually, but
It's me.

29 Juli 2017


When a popular girl seems too perfect to have problem, you're totally wrong, 
it's actually just them who always cover it up, so you never notice,
Read a novel about a bunch of popular girls solving their problem?