15 September 2017

'I Miss You' She's screaming inside. She really wants to hug him and cry upon his shoulder, tell him to never let her go again. She wants to look him in the eye and tell him how miserable was her life without him, how she miss all the hug and kisses and all the sweet daily story they always tell everynight. She want him to know how much she love him. And she don't care, she don't care if he's not so in love the way she did. She don't care how careless he is to her self, she just love him much, a way too much. 

And the day she met him, he was standing there with another girl, a girl who way too different from her. A girl who throw a toss when other girl blow kisses, A girl who raise her eyebrow instead of smile or wink to boy she like, A girl who enough to make her feel so small, she wants to be like her. 

11 September 2017

You want to leave?
Are you sure?
If you hesitate, don't.
If you think you do, just do.

But if you really do,
If you really gonna leave don't ever come back
You may look back, and missed everything and want to have it once again.
But don't.

If you're leaving, I asked you one single thing.
Just to simply don't give a shit of everything you ever had.
I want you to simply believe that's all everything you ever had and you appreciate it
But you don't want it more.

22 Agustus 2017

There's always one day to find out who you really are, 
The reason why you become,
One day for your self to think 'bout what happend
experience it: