21 Mei 2017


H E L L O!!!!
I'm so tired of this things!
I feel like I'm kinda tired of my life
I know, this feeling is so sucks
I shouldn't feel this way. 

The thing is...
I really loss my faith
I don't want to be a doctor, 
I don't know what will I do If I be a doctor
You know, I just get it now,
I just get it why they keep screaming don't do what you don't want to do
This is killing me

But I can't quit
May be I'm not close to the exit door, but the entrance door is closed, 
No turning back, I just gonna keep walking in the same path.

I get in to that point right now
The point that always make collage student feel doom
Whatever it called.
I'm not ready. Really not ready.

18 Mei 2017

I miss you...
She write those words in a piece of paper
She got nothing on her mind
Her un-peaceful mind
But she just keep writing it over and over again
She letting him go
She don't know why
She always want him to stay.
She don't know where to go
or even what to do.
She just sit there and staring.
She staring to her past, her mistake.
She has one serious problem
She blame her self for everything happen
She cry, every night.
She think of him
She want to move on or move away
but none of that happen
And he don't care.

15 Mei 2017

Well, Let me tell you about something happens in my life. 
Let me tell you about a girl, she used to be one of topics in my blog.
I really don't know what to said
I think...
I'm just amazed with this girl

I used to hate her, Really hate her. 
I hate her because she is my (ex)Boyfriend's ex
Well, I guess I have no point about that (anymore)

I used to always read what she wrote,
All the things about that boy. 
Then today, I just read it again.
And I really like the way she see it, 
I really like the way she see what is love 

I don't know what to say, 
But I just want to be friend with her
Cause I know she is a good girl

The girl who can see it the way no body can see it. 

P.s: Maybe one day you will see this, I really don't know why I want to write this, but really girl, You're amazing!