21 Oktober 2017

"Hey, whatcha doing?"
"Missing you... I missing you lyk crazy..."
"I miss you too.... So much... Want you be here with me?"
"I don't.... I'm afraid...."
"Why, it's just you and me, loving each other like we always do."
"No... We don't... You don't..."
"Hey, seriously, just let me held you..."
"No. I won't.... I mean... I want to... so much... but I know we will never be the same, I'm missing the old you, who love me, And now... Everytime you call me, you hold me, I'm not feeling the same, I'm not feel safe lyk I used to do. I'm picturing her, crying, because she love you, as much as I do... It's enough, it's okay, let me hurt, but don't let her. Please, love her, be with her, be the man I always love, not this way. Please."

16 Oktober 2017

"Why?" She asked,
"So... I can't call you anymore?" He said. She can feel his sound, he's shaking, but she can't handle this anymore, she don't want to be the victim.
"I miss you... I really do... I still love you, like I used to do... I don't know about you... But I don't mind... You have someone else now... And I want you to appreciate her... I want you to love her, pick her up every morning, spend all of your spare time with her, like you always do... Even when she's not your girlfriend... I don't want to be someone who ruin your relationship.... Even if I want you so much...."

15 Oktober 2017


"7 PM, I'm just gonna wait 'till 7 pm. If he doesn't call... 
I know what I'm gonna do"


She smile, "It's okay." She eject the USB from her laptop, wake up from her bed, take a box on the table and put it in the secret chamber below her bed. She open the box before it safely saved, she put the usb in it. Then get back to her bed. A tears running through her cheeks. She stare at her own laptop, her mind blow through something she planned before, something she knew has been canceled. Then she open one of the folder in her laptop desktop, "Lastchance". 

A video played, a video she want to give to him, but she won't... He passing the deadline, like he always did, "the time is out" She said. She remember all thing she has planned, She want to hang out with him, going somewhere, talk about family and every little details of their life, like they used to did. Watching movie they don't really like,  Then she prepare a polaroid cam, she want to take a photo, with him, the thing they don't always do, she wants to apologise, for everything happen to them, she just want a perfect day with him.  even if it has to be the last date she gonna have with him, she want to make it goodShe fake a smile, "I know he will never change." she select the folder she opened before, delete button pressed, a pop up notification came up, 'are you sure you want to delete?' She move her mouse to the 'Yes' word, But suddenly her phone ringing... 
"HIM"a name shows up in her phone, she stare at it and started to thinking again...