21 Juni 2017


Before you read this post let me tell you this actually my old post
Well, I never post this but I write this around a year and a half before now,
Just want to inform you that so that no one will judge that I couldn't move through my lastest breakup. 

20 Juni 2017

First Date

Well, Inspirited by my friend who are really nervous to go to her first date, I started to remember all my first date, how is it happen, how I stress I was, how I dress & make up.

Right before your first date, you will feel it,   stressed out.
Maybe, I already had a bunch of first date(LOL, I'm not so proud of this), and everytime I had my first date, I always nervous. I don't know what to wear, I don't know how to act, I don't know what to talk about, technically,  I'm not really a nice, humble or warm person in my first date.
One of my ex told me that the first time he met me (our first date) I'm not even a close to my real self. "Oh my god, I almost give up on you that time" He said so cause I almost didn't speak a word.
But, One of others , He can make me so comfortable, humble, talkactive, basicly, I just being so my self around him, maybe because It's not our first met, but our first date after a longlong time never met and talk.
First date is always be something, you may forget someone, but the butterfly at your firstdate, you will never forget it.

And, What I want to talk about here is, some tips on your first date. I'm not an expert, I just share what I know and what I thought about those first date.

So, get ready to hear what I thought you should do and don't in your first date :

16 Juni 2017

I Drugstore Make up Haul

Berawal dari liburan tidak panjang (mengingat jadwal kuliah yang hampir no libur sepanjang puasa) beberapa waktu lalu aku menghabiskan waktu aku untuk browsing through the web : www.youtube.com yang pastinya udah nggak asing lagi buat siapapun. 
Lalu, apa yang akan dicari seorang gadis umur 20 tahun di youtube? 
Ya nggak lain dan nggak bukan, she'll watching 'bout 'The other girl'
Jadi, channel yang aku buka tentunya nggak jauh-jauh dari make up & make up
And so, I can't handle it, right after all those pretty youtuber reviewing a make up, it's enough to convinced me to buy those make up!(It's really bad for my wallet😥)
But it's okay!
That's why di dunia ini ada yang namanya make up drugstore
a.k.a make up make up dengan harga yang lumayan tergangkau.
So here we are, we'll talking about some new make up I get in this week 
Hope you enjoy it, XOXO