4 Mei 2018

Now I’m picturing the man of my dream. I can’t tell you how does he look, But I can tell you what kind of person he is. He is a kind and warmth hearted person. His warm brown eyes now is right in front of me. I couldn’t tell you how does it feel, But I’m gonna describe it to you, it feels like having the ticket to your favorite singer concert, but it’s also feel like watching a romance movie where you favourite character having a car accident and almost died, what I’m gonna tell you is, in my heart now is a total chaos, the last several month I was wondering if I could let him go, if I can be with other person without a day thinking of him. And now here I am, under the sun light, hearing sound of the wave, with him, looking at me in the eye and smiling.
The smile he always have when I’m arround him is my favourite, when he smile, It’s feel like I can see my reflection on his eye. But the smile he fake when we arrived at my home, (which is mean the time we separated) , it’s torn me apart.
I want to love someone, like shizuka, she love nobita cause she knows nobita need her, in every single day, he need her. And I want to be like her, cause in my mind, loving someone that way make me feel like There’s always a reason to loving him and always be with him, so that this love will always grow no matter what.
And this boy told me, that me and him is exactly like shizuka and nobita. No matter what happend, they belong to each other. I don’t know how, but I really like him. He really is the man of my dream.
“ He is the one.” I whispering to my own self, he caught me smiling, and he smile too. 

22 April 2018

She was tired,
Through all the tired work she have in a tough day,
But she freakily miss you, 
So she stay awake, to call you
to talk to you
but you don't listen
But she keeps calling you
Just to hear your breathe through her nite