12 Agustus 2013

There's something I have to done this year, Not something actually , it's so-much-thing. I had to have 3 courses, which is take my monday to saturday with double course on monday and thursday, I had to study all day long, finishing my task as good as I could, be a better person, Growing up. 

I'm kinda frustrated, I got my Ied Mubarak's Holiday now, but my homework is haunting me, I don't know what I know, I want to be a better person, I want to be a medical faculty student next year, and I know I will, cause I have to.

With all my power, I'll try my best, I'm having a new class with just a little number of interesting friend, I'll try to be friendly and make everyone are my friends, could I? I'll try guys. With the pray of my parent, my friend, and I believe God will give me what the best for me. I won't let everyone down.