16 Desember 2014


It's such a very long long long time I never post on my blog!
And in those long time, I had such a very great days.
Remember the last story of high school?

It's just me or everyone love high school very much? But Who said that high school is the most colorful time in your life. Now I get it. Every singe time in our life is a color, and every color is beauty in their own way. Black is dark and seems scary, but it also seems so classic, retro, simple. White I don't know how to describe this color, some times white is means empty, but it's so clean, innocent. 
What I mean is, I miss senior high school, I miss friend junior high school, I miss the cuteness of elementary school. Everytime is awesome. 
Now, It's a college life. And I got my target. Y.E.S. I'm officially a medical student of sriwijaya university. Meet a new friend(s)? of course. Every single day in my college life feels so exhausting and exciting. Sometimes I feel sad, but in other time I feel so good!

Life is a blank page
you need to write your own story with a typewriter
Once you done a mistake It will never removed completely
But there's always another space to make it covered with the good things