10 Januari 2016

Sayap Pelindungmu

By The overtunes

I don't know why, But I really love this song.

Aku bukan seseorang yang ngerti music sih, tapi ntah kenapa adem banget rasanya ndenger lagu ini, I really wanna sing this song all my day. So here I share for you. Enjoy:)

Saat kau jatuh lukai hati
Di manapun itu, I'll find you

Saat kau lemah dan tak berdaya
Lihat diriku, Untukmu

Kapanpun mimpi terasa jauh
Oh ingatlah sesuatu
Ku akan selalu
Jadi sayap pelindungmu

Saat duniamu mulai pudar
Dan kau merasa hilang
Ku akan selalu
Jadi sayap pelindungmu

Saat kau takut Dan tersesat
Di manapun itu, I'll find you

Air matamu takkan terjatuh
Lihat diriku, Untukmu

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Walau kau tak sanggup
Ku takkan menyerah
Ku ada untukmu

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8 Januari 2016

My Dear Birthday

Birthday is a happy day
You'll wait that day for a reason, A gift, A cake, A surprise party, or A person.

Last year, the thing I want for my birthday is A gift and A cake, I wondered what special thing about birthday. It's just a day when everyone cheers for you. 
Till this year I figured out something.
Well, couples month before my birthday I was so damn stressed, I don't want that day come so fast, I'm afraid that no one will remember my birthday, I'm afraid that the day wouldn't be pretty like it was before. 
Then D-Day is come. I'm excited and afraid at the same time, I woke up then check my phone and see a couple birthday words from some closest friend. 
Now, I realize something.
Yes, birthday is a bridge, for you to re-build your relationship with some people. And I also realize, this year, what I wait for my birthday is 'someone'. It wasn't about boy, but people who care for me. 
Well, I got a nice birthday, I got a quality time with my family which is I really once in a blue moon since everyone go to collage. From my best friend? I LOVE THEM VERY MUCH , they give me a special birthday party. Well, this year, I only get a cake and a present, but it's okay, I just get the meaning of the real birthday is. 
Birthday is a birth of relationship you'll never forget