23 Oktober 2016

The reason why I like him

Summer 2016

“I can’t be like this.”
“Why? You didn't do anything wrong.”
“Cause I can’t, cause you guys still blame me.”
“Hey, move on, it’s not he didn’t like you, but he like you much, so much, but you don’t like him, so he move.”
“Are you in love?”
“ I just….”
“Seriously, what a great deal about that boy…You don’t even know him much”

I can’t answer her anymore, I get in to my own room, leaving her and our un-end-ed conversation. I turn off the light and lay on my bed. “She’s right… I don't know much about him… I just met him twice, but that’s tells me enough that he is a warm-hearted man. I can feel it. Maybe people think he’s not my type, but I know he actually does. I can see that he raised in such a really good family, filled with kindness and Love, then build him into such a great character. His character is actually the character I always wish to be the main character in my story. I like him much. I don’t know why but I do. I love the way he talk to me , I love the way he look in to my eyes, I’m too shy to stare at him while he’s staring at me, but I always do when he’s not. He hasn’t touch me, but I know his hug will be the warmest hug I ever know. There’s something about him. I never felt this way before, feeling so sure about someone just by met him twice. ”