14 Mei 2016

Deep Inside

"What's on your mind?"
"I don't know, I miss him much."
"Him," a teardrop finally wet her fair skin. "He's the one who told me what love is."
"So where is now, If he really love you, he should be here right Now."
She bite her lip, controls her breathe, hold her tear and said, "He is happy Now."
"You have to win him back."
"And ruin his life?"
" I told you, he taught me what love is, watching his happiness now is make me feel better of this way. And also If he really is the one, we're gonna meet again eventually."
"Are you sure he's happy now?"
"I know, deep down inside your heart you know he's not that happy, I know, deep down inside you want to get close to him once again, I know deep inside you feel like you both are really mean to be each other. So, Go on, Fight for him, And get him."
"Why? I Though you want me to move on, and be with you?"
"Cause you tell me, Deep Inside, I just want you to be happy."

4 Mei 2016


If this world is a world of boxes that filled with people in it.
You and I will be in the different box, different size, different colour, we're different in every side that we have. 
But I have hope. 
I hope that both of us will leave our box, and meet outside the box, I hope we meet in the middle of this world, building our new own box, even if I actually really love my box. 
But I want to stay with you. 
So I step out of my box, and waiting you there, at the place I thought was 'Our place', but you're not coming. Perhaps you really want to see me, but you want me to come to your box and join you, at the place where I really don't belong. 
So I just wait, cause I thought you're gonna change you're mind. 
Unfortunately, while I'm waiting for you, someone passing by, Take my hand and saying "let's go back to your box, the place where you're fit in." But I can't just leave like that, so I stand still.
But I realise you really don't want to step outside your box. 
Perhaps it's time for me to give up, even I know I should wait longer. But I want to leave.