30 Juli 2017


It's HiHo Kids!!!

HiHo Kids is a youtube channel which I really like so much
Well it's a part of the CUT studio actually
It's first start with 'kids try' video
which I guess it's attract some attention till they decide to make their own channel

Now the HiHo Kids itself no longer only producing the kids try video,
There's so much more lyk, Kids Play, Word Play, Kids Explain and so much others.

Since I love kids so much, this Channel being my most favourite channel, 
I like to see all of this HiHo Kids so much. 
I subscribe & turn on the notification

And Right Now, I want to introduce you to the HiHo Kids One by One :

Well, may be it's a kinda late to tell
But I guess it's better late then never.
Lately I reopen(& reuse) soundcloud, and I just remember about this
The things I really need to share this day is
Actually there's someone take over my name to be his song tittle
I'm touched, so touched

I Like the song, I like how he 'hide' my name inside it, 
it's actually not worth to be the tittle of the song,
Cause you barely even can't hear my name there
but the best part is, he write my full name, 
not really a full name actually, but
It's me.

29 Juli 2017


When a popular girl seems too perfect to have problem, you're totally wrong, 
it's actually just them who always cover it up, so you never notice,
Read a novel about a bunch of popular girls solving their problem? 

23 Juli 2017

She may look pretty but she's broken inside
You see the smile she always give to you?
It's a fake one
And if the fake one can charms you that much,
Can you imagine her real one?

You know she used to have it,
And put it everywhere she go
She do not care who she met,
Even her enemy, she just put it on

She's so kind, too kind
And everyone can see it
She believe, everyone will be the same as she is
But she just did not see it

Those kindness make her too easy to be hurt,
And she is.
That's why she's become who she is right now

22 Juli 2017

#halalkanatautinggalkan (?)

Here I told you, This post is really-really an un-pointed post
It's a total HAHA post!! 

18 Juli 2017

Sometimes people just don't get it
Total chaos is not always as big as it sounds
It could be a little thing
A little small thing that might no one see
but it can affect you little by little
It torn you as slow as the wind blows
and no one think it can ripped you all over
like this way

Sometimes you don't even realise when it started
You just go on with your life,
You think you're strong enough to handle all of your problem
You believe you always do the best for the sake of your own self

But suddenly you feel yourself changing
You suddenly see how the old you step ahead of all those trouble
and how your self now just put your problem in a big circle of your life
You cover it so no one could see it
And they said "You've been through a lot, I wish I could be strong as you"

It's the total chaos.
It's change you in a total move.
Are you stop believe in sun when the star are shining?

13 Juli 2017


Where's the good in goodbye?
You sing it out loud, You say you hate good bye, so you didn't say it.
And you're leaving, just like that.
So is it good?

It's good, for you, the one who leaving,
If one day you want to come back you just simply say
"OMG, There's no way I'm gonna leave you."
But for them who left,
Every night , Every single night since the day you left they wonder,
"Are you really leaving?" or
"may be (s)he will be back again someday?" or even worse
They don't accept it, they don't believe it, they put too much trust in you.
They believe you'll never hurt them.

Do you like it?
You save your self but you destroying anyone else
Do you feel better?

11 Juli 2017

"Do you believe me now?"
"I don't know."
"I want you to believe. I want you to see."
"I'm just not ready."
"There's always a good reason to believe again. And this time let me be one."
I close my eyes, I'm afraid, when I say it, I'll do, I'll do believe in him, I'll do put my heart on him, and he want me to answer that kind of question...
"You know I always believe in you."
"You have a mood swing, I'm afraid."
"Not this time"
And it's turns out it your turn, your mood swings away, far away enough to make you leaving

10 Juli 2017

It's a mental breakdown
It's funny, how an un-important priceless boy has completely ruin your life
This time, It's really ruined. You can't think , you can't breathe.
It's not caused by he is so much important to you,
but he make you feel like you always be nothing to anyone
Someone like him,
who force you to take away your insecurity
As if he will always be there for you
Who force you to believe, once again
Into him

You'll be cursing your own self about how stupid you are
About how can you break your self this easy
But you're to tired to scream
Even the mirror is no longer be your bestfriend

Everything in your life is truly full of shit
You started to hate him and everyone around you
Even your own self

Seems like "I'm done with everything"

5 Juli 2017

I need some space
To breathe
To think
To believe
To start it all over again

I'm no longer who I always be
I'm changing
But I don't know
I don't know if it to be better or worse

I want to step in
I want this over immediately 
I need some space
So I can Live