11 Januari 2014

17th years day of Azaliatz's ♚

11 January already, the following nine day after 
My officially 17th birthday

Yes, My one day queen has passed, now I'm 17th already and I should act as if I'm not a little girl anymore, cause I'm on my way to be a strong confident young lady.
Thank you for all of you guys, everyone. 
All of those surprises 
I love them very Much!

This present is from :

My Seven dwarfs that I meet in my Eleven grade class when situation going to kill me!

(evlin, Glenda, Michelle , Tintin, Pintor)
Actually they're manja's member accept tintin she's evlin cousin!

(Siti Syahamahwati, my little bestie sister since I 3rd grade of elementary school, classmates for 7 years)

(Hanny sabriena, SMA N 17 Palembang, my bestie of course)

 Winda Dwilestari (SMA Negeri 6 Palembang,Panda Sr's Member)
 Aldhiyana Fatinah (SMA Negeri 6 Palembang,Panda Sr's Member)
 Kirana Humairoh (SMA Negeri 6 Palembang,Panda Sr's Member)
Siti Raudhatul Fadilla(ITB, Panda Sr's Member)
The point is, I'd like to say thankyou so much! total aku dapet 4 kue di ulangtahun ke 17 ini ! makasih banyak semuanya, Azalia love you very much!
Seneng dan sedih itu ternyata emang selalu dateng satu paket, seindah-indahnya ulang tahun ke 17 aku, ada 1 orang yang sampai sekarang ini belom ngucapin happy birthday secara langsung ke aku, my best of the best Sheisa Marinka, at least I want to meet her, she went to a trip when I'm celebrating my birthday, and she is one of the reason why I'm late to post this. I Need her as my best friend to stand beside me when I'm happy, If there's a word could paint this pain after disappointed, I took that word. I'm waiting for you my best, you say you'd be here by now.