2 Desember 2016

I miss you.
A lot.

People may see me so fine,
But I don’t.

I miss you.
Everytime I close my eyes,
Someone pop out of my mind,
It’s you.

I started picturing you in my mind.
“I miss you”
I don’t know why but that words keep coming out my mouth
with all this tears falling down through my cheeks
Over and over again

All the simple thing around me remind me of you.
And It’s hurt.

It’s hurt to know the fact.
When the fact is you really leave.
You left me with no choice, no trace,
And no clue.

I don’t know what to do.
I just keep missing you over and over.
My logic won’t help my anymore.

People keep saying  "let go",
But I know if they were me,
They won’t.

I miss you.