31 Desember 2013

Come in 2014

"Why Do All The Good Thing Come to an END?"

The answer is
'Cause It's time to have a better thing

Time will never stop, whatever we felt ,whatever we do, whoever we are with, or even we beg time to stop.
If it really can't stop, The only one who can stop it is GOD.
Just like today, we have spend 1 year or twelve month or 52 weeks or 365 day or 8.760 Hours or 525.000 minutes or 31.536.000 Seconds in a precious 2013.
People might think time is priceless, actually time is everything.

I love2013 as much as
I love my ownself,my family,my friend,myboyfriend and everysingle thing that I love.
Conflict? Just forget it. not forgive it.

The point is, 2013 is really a good year. but what I'm totally sure that 2014 will be better.
I'm trying to win, but the point is, I just want to make world to be a better Place.


Pampered Princess