8 Januari 2016

My Dear Birthday

Birthday is a happy day
You'll wait that day for a reason, A gift, A cake, A surprise party, or A person.

Last year, the thing I want for my birthday is A gift and A cake, I wondered what special thing about birthday. It's just a day when everyone cheers for you. 
Till this year I figured out something.
Well, couples month before my birthday I was so damn stressed, I don't want that day come so fast, I'm afraid that no one will remember my birthday, I'm afraid that the day wouldn't be pretty like it was before. 
Then D-Day is come. I'm excited and afraid at the same time, I woke up then check my phone and see a couple birthday words from some closest friend. 
Now, I realize something.
Yes, birthday is a bridge, for you to re-build your relationship with some people. And I also realize, this year, what I wait for my birthday is 'someone'. It wasn't about boy, but people who care for me. 
Well, I got a nice birthday, I got a quality time with my family which is I really once in a blue moon since everyone go to collage. From my best friend? I LOVE THEM VERY MUCH , they give me a special birthday party. Well, this year, I only get a cake and a present, but it's okay, I just get the meaning of the real birthday is. 
Birthday is a birth of relationship you'll never forget