24 November 2016

She get out of his car with tears in her eyes, she wipe it over and over but her tear never stop falling. 
"What would I do now?" She wonder why she ask him to drop her at her campus when she actually know all her friends are home. She doesn't stop walking, but she don't know where to go. She push some number on her phone and call it. 

Tears can't stop falling through her face all the way home, she felt empty. She have no Idea what will happen to her life. After all the fight she has been through, she never been this blind. "I wish I could change my self. I wish I could be the best." She's hurt, so deep.

She get in to her room And continue crying. All by her self. She call all her friend but no one answer. Her brain is burning just simply because She's too fall in love