7 Juni 2016


December 2015,

Udah sering banget denger kata single, complicated and in a relationship. 
Well, buat kali ini aku tertarik untuk bahas hal dari sisi seorang yang punya relationship status 'SINGLE'. 
Aku, iya aku, udah hampir setahun menyandang status single, It's not a big deal actually. Cuma inget waktu aku ada pacar gimana aku rindu sama rasanya single itu sendiri. Well aku inget terakhir aku pacaran hampir dua tahun.
First 6 month it was so sweet and lovely and everything was pretty
The next six month It still lovely even sometimes we had a big fight and sometimes it's physically hurt me.
The other six month, I feel like, I miss being single, But I don't know what will I be without him. I always be with him, all day, all time. All I know is just me and him. 
and the rest It's hard to explain, Well perhaps this is the real reason why I broke up last time, before, I don't wanna tell anyone except my best friend 'bout this, but I guess I'm ready Now. 
That time, I feel like, I do love him, I'm really proud about my relationship that time. I told my friend that 'Hey guys, I almost had my 2nd year anniversary and it's very nice, I love this relationship.' But things comes to my mind and I was like... I don't know.. I want to feel free... I want to know what would I be without him... Then I was busy, I join an organisation that make me not always with him anymore, I spend more time with my best friend and I was feel like, It better of this way. Then I thought why am I feel happier when I'm with my friend than when I'm with him. and that make me realize, that was the right time to let him go. 

After that time I got my 'single status' till now on. I don't know why But I just feel that 'single status' in the last two weeks. 
In this time what I know is being single wasn't that simple. Especially when you're on your holiday with no trip Just like me this time. I feel that. Lonely. 
Sometimes before I sleep I just think about things that I shouldn't done, feels like I'm regreting something. 
And single make a great oportunity to missing someone. 

When you miss someone, you gotta remember every single pretty shit about that guy, and you gotta regret it.

In my single time, I meet a bunch kind of boy, sweet, freak, arrogant, and even the one who I thought the best for me,

Single is a right situation to think about what kind of man and relationship you really want
Single bring you into the thought about the reason why your previous relationship didn't work out.

It's not a bad thing to being single, but it's not that simple.