22 Juli 2017

#halalkanatautinggalkan (?)

Here I told you, This post is really-really an un-pointed post
It's a total HAHA post!! 

I know it doesn't make sense, someone like me saying that kind of things, no one will believe it. I know, remembering my long list of .... 
Well, let me just tell you a story and what I really mean. 

This morning I wake up in a hotel room with my best friend, HAH(?) Yep. I actually just sleepover, and that's not the point of my story. In the morning, our other friend who is not with us that time send us a post of someone marriage, "WEDDING INVITATION", I can read those words even just from the thumbnails of the message, my friend caption those post with 'We're lose guys'. I'm still half awake, and I just comment "Who is it?", it's turns out she(the one who has the post) is a daughter of my favourite teacher (I like him because he's too handsome, sh*t) and the main thing is... She is my junior! WOW!

And so I scroll down to her profile, and suddenly I remember her story, which I can't remember where do I hear it from. She's doing something in islam called ta'aruf. Well I can't say much about that. And so that's it, she's married now! I feel it so cool & scary &.... I DON'T KNOW!

Halalkan atau tinggalkan

Well, what I thought about it?
I don't have anything to say
I just want to share the hashtag, I really like it I don't know why.

So, let me share a little bit about my view through this. 
Apa itu ta'aruf?
Jadi Ta'aruf itu adalah istilah buat prinsip yang menyatakan tanpa pacaran, yang dimaksudkan dengan ta'aruf adalah untuk menghindari perzinahan. Jadi ketika dua orang ingin mengenal satu sama lain mereka langsung saja dinikahkan, tanpa melewati fase yang namanya pacaran. Is it weird? actually, nggak ada yang salah dari ta'aruf. Tapi, most people(I guess) will feel like, R U really gonna marry someone you don't know? And What if he's not good? and and and... There's so much question about it. And I feel so too. 

Apa guna pacaran? dan apa beda pacar dan suami? 
Since I haven't marry I can't answer that kind of question. But I just find this is so interesting. And I started to think, what if, my mother suddenly want me to marry someone I don't know? 
What will I do? And what do you guys think I should do?