30 Juli 2017


It's HiHo Kids!!!

HiHo Kids is a youtube channel which I really like so much
Well it's a part of the CUT studio actually
It's first start with 'kids try' video
which I guess it's attract some attention till they decide to make their own channel

Now the HiHo Kids itself no longer only producing the kids try video,
There's so much more lyk, Kids Play, Word Play, Kids Explain and so much others.

Since I love kids so much, this Channel being my most favourite channel, 
I like to see all of this HiHo Kids so much. 
I subscribe & turn on the notification

And Right Now, I want to introduce you to the HiHo Kids One by One :

Well he's name is maddox, I believe even the HiHo Kids team will agree that he is the king of them all, he's smart and cute and annoying, He always have the word to say. 
In those TOP 10 moment, may be you can see much of him, but I swear, there're more things about him in other video. I like him so much!
I also believe that not only me but everyone other love him much, cause I can see he's mailbox is already eps 3 when others only have one or two (except ernie cause he's too cute too & he is the cameraman's son)
& I write this before Crystal mail box #3 released:)


She's 8 yo, she's the sweetest among them all, the technically act like she's the oldest one(I bet she is),  She have one lil sister Crysten #CMIIW. She love to sing so much, like so much.

Her voice so amazing.