30 Juli 2017

Well, may be it's a kinda late to tell
But I guess it's better late then never.
Lately I reopen(& reuse) soundcloud, and I just remember about this
The things I really need to share this day is
Actually there's someone take over my name to be his song tittle
I'm touched, so touched

I Like the song, I like how he 'hide' my name inside it, 
it's actually not worth to be the tittle of the song,
Cause you barely even can't hear my name there
but the best part is, he write my full name, 
not really a full name actually, but
It's me.
It's written around 2013, I was a senior high school student
and FYI He is my brother's bestfriend, he like to spend his time in my home,
I don't know exactly why, but I remember the day he told me he want to use my name to be his song
And I was like "Well, okay, do what you want"
And I don't really think he mean it.
And the day he actually share it, he tell me
I can't believe he used my name as the title.

I have a boy friend back then, when he finally make my name to a song
So I couldn't share it,

Well, I guess,
maybe by this way (Sharing this) I can tell him how much I like this song.