20 Juni 2017

First Date

Well, Inspirited by my friend who are really nervous to go to her first date, I started to remember all my first date, how is it happen, how I stress I was, how I dress & make up.

Right before your first date, you will feel it,   stressed out.
Maybe, I already had a bunch of first date(LOL, I'm not so proud of this), and everytime I had my first date, I always nervous. I don't know what to wear, I don't know how to act, I don't know what to talk about, technically,  I'm not really a nice, humble or warm person in my first date.
One of my ex told me that the first time he met me (our first date) I'm not even a close to my real self. "Oh my god, I almost give up on you that time" He said so cause I almost didn't speak a word.
But, One of others , He can make me so comfortable, humble, talkactive, basicly, I just being so my self around him, maybe because It's not our first met, but our first date after a longlong time never met and talk.
First date is always be something, you may forget someone, but the butterfly at your firstdate, you will never forget it.

And, What I want to talk about here is, some tips on your first date. I'm not an expert, I just share what I know and what I thought about those first date.

So, get ready to hear what I thought you should do and don't in your first date :

Girls Don't :

Don't make it easy

Well, there's always two kind of first date, 1. First date with someone you ever met 2. First date with someone you never met. For whatever the situation are, Please, don't make it easy, let them try hard to meet you, Never accept an un-planned invitation for your first date, unless He insist or you have canceled your date before. If you accept those un-planned invitation for your firstdate, it's kinda show him that's easy to meet you, that you don't have any business of your own.

Don't ... Too Much

I don't know exactly what I'm trying to say, I'm gonna say, Don't talk too much, Don't smile too much, Don't grump too much, Don't eat too much (lol). What I mean is, make a good first impression, don't let them judge you by a single thing you do that day. I told you I ever almost failed in my first date, cause I keep my self in silent, but someone ever failed dating me cause he speak too much (for me). In in first date, if you do something wrong it's really easy for them to leave you just like that, cause you guys didn't have so many memories I guest. So, Just remember don't do anything too much.

Girls Do :

Make up & Dress well

Do your make up, be gorgeous, but not too much. Here some reference 'bout make up for first date.
Well, This looks is made by a pretty youtuber who I really like, Sarah Ayu , And I'm definitely so really very agree to have this look to my first date. This look is so pretty natural. 
For dress, Well, let me say I really suggest you to wear something with 'Classic simple' theme. What I mean by classic simple is don't make it so simple (eg. Tshirt & short pants) but also don't make it too much (eg. Long dress). But actually what you should wear is depend on what kind of occasion you will have in your first date. if you just gonna have some kind of dinner or movie date, maybe you can use some blouse & jeans, or our last trend is some kind of culottes pants, or if you really want to use somekind of dress, maybe because you'll have a semi-formal date (LOL) you can use kind of cocktail dress.
The reason why I told you not to make up & dressed too much is, so he will not feel like "huh, she must be really like me, cause she really try so hard to impressed me." And you shouldn't dress so simple cause you really need to impress him in your first date. LOL. 

Boys Don't


I mean it. I mean it. I mean it. I really hate when boys wear shorts, even not on my first date. So If I met someone in my first date using short, well It's a really big mistake. For me, it's just showing that you're not serious and have no I idea about how to impress a girl. And actually, boy is so much looks better on a formal dress, You're not really has to wear a suit. But at least wear a shirt, pants (it might be jeans) and shoes. And also don't for get to do your hair & shave! 

Boys Do 

Ask and always ask

Before you met her, you should ask her what she like & don't like, ask her do you need to ask her parent to taking her out, and if her answer is 'it's up to you' do it. just do it. If she don't want you to do it she should say so. Well, maybe somepeople think that It's too soon to do it, or maybe not. I'm a kinda girl who never bring my boyfriend to my parents, They know about him but they never personally met him. And when a boy ask me should he ask my parents about it, well, I kinda like it. even if I won't him to ask them. It's touching me. 

It's Just a HAHA point

Well, I don't really know is this necessary or not, I don't even know is this right or wrong to do. I just hear one of a boy giving an advice to her other boy who wants to have a first date. He said "Go ask her out, take her somewhere, but, just take her to one place, exactly one place, if you ask her to have a lunch, only had a lunch with her, don't go anywhere after that it will show her that you have some business of your own, but she is the one you want to see". As I told you, I don't know is this right or wrong, I don't know is this a do or don't. And it's actually a "Really Thak you write this?" wkwkwk. I don't know I just want to share this point.. and I don't know what is the point of this wkwkwk. I'm so sorry about this point wkwkw.

Well, so that's it, that's it all I want to share with you. 
I'm so sorry there's no such a good point of this all. 
I'm so sorry I have to mention a few things that I shouldn't mention. 
Writing this just make me remember all of the first date I ever had. 
It's really a HAHA moment. 
I'm sorry I can't make such a great article. 
It's still my page right? It's me who rules this page.

Pampered Fairy