10 Juni 2017


I wondering who actually he is. First time I know him, there's something bout him that I can't explain.   I feel something strong and strange. Then we start being close... I like him. So much. As I told you before I love everyway he did to me. His eyes, smiles, laugh and everything. But turns out as you love someone, you becoming your true self by time. He started to be cold... I don't know... it never felt so pretty as before anymore. I'm hurting, little by little, it's started to torn me apart.
I tell my friend about everything happen, they all blame him cause they thing he changes for no reason. But I know he didn't. Some how I see he just showing his true colour, he just becoming who he really are. I see my self in him, I ever be like that once, and I know I won't he hurted like I did before.

He's like my mirror, he helps me to understand my self better. But I'm destroying my own self to understand him. He's just too much like me.

Inside, I'm just a weak person.
And he is... so much weaker than I am.
He's too soft, too sensitive,
He's too fearful.
He told me that he's afraid, And I calm him down.
But he don't know, That I did too.
I can't tell him, It's just make him weaker,
I had to stay strong, and fight for my own,
While I keep fighting for him instead.