8 Juni 2017

Stop & stare

they keep telling me the same shit.
"If he love you, he'd try."
And I keep telling my self the same shit. 
"What if I'm the one who didn't try?"
They said, "you've try enough. may be there's no one can fight the way you do."
But my eyes are blind, my ears are deaf I don't care what they said. 
I still feel what I feel, I still cry everynite, all alone, when no one know. 
I don't know why it never stop falling down. 
I miss you 
That's all I do
My head is spinning arround, 
My heart started to slowing down
I feel my cheeks are always wet 
I suddenly stop 
And stare
And listen 
And care
I love you 
And it's all matter.