27 Mei 2017

It's not a heartache
It's just a post trauma
You just think you have it,
But you don't
So you can't over it.

Thank you for letting me understand
Through all the darkest days I always had lately
Thank you for bringing back the light 
I was the one who turn off the light,
And you're the reason why
But You're the one who give me the flashlight

You're not staying or showing me the exit door
But it's enough
The fact that you're not gonna leave me in the dark,

Maybe one day we'll be met again
outside this dark box,
I don't know if I still hold this flashlight
But at least, I'm the one who let you go through the exit door
I'm gonna over it someday,
or maybe not
but it's okay,
Still thankyou, for ever being here.