21 Mei 2017


H E L L O!!!!
I'm so tired of this things!
I feel like I'm kinda tired of my life
I know, this feeling is so sucks
I shouldn't feel this way. 

The thing is...
I really loss my faith
I don't want to be a doctor, 
I don't know what will I do If I be a doctor
You know, I just get it now,
I just get it why they keep screaming don't do what you don't want to do
This is killing me

But I can't quit
May be I'm not close to the exit door, but the entrance door is closed, 
No turning back, I just gonna keep walking in the same path.

I get in to that point right now
The point that always make collage student feel doom
Whatever it called.
I'm not ready. Really not ready.