6 Mei 2017

our saturday

For some people maybe Saturday is just a day. One of those weekend days which means nothing for them, and so for me, a few months ago. I always start my day with a smile, and new spirit everyday, I believe everyday is the same, I can have a date everyday, I can study, I can messing around with my friend, going everywhere and anywhere, there's no weekend or weekdays everyday is just an ordinary day.
'till I met a boy, And he told me, "let's make every Saturday is ours."and so that's it. My Saturday turn into 'our Saturday'. what are those Saturday means to me? Happiness. All I know 'bout those Saturday is just happiness. I smile just imagining how those every Saturday might be happen. I was so happy till I forgot those happiness always comes within the sadness.
And it's really happening. Those pretty 'our Saturday' finally over. I used know everyday is still the same, but you make my Saturday never feel the same. And I want it more. And I want you more.
I know I have left, but you know I didn't mean to.
If you wondering if I'm happy now?
All I know id I never be as happy as when we had Our Saturday.